Why Do You Dress Like That?

Maybe you have read my sudden craze on Abaya. My first entry on Abaya was in February this year. Since then i have bought 9 Abaya altogether. And officially, i’ve been wearing abaya more or less like 5 months already.

So why Abaya?

Again, you may ask.

It started when the husband suggested that i bought a robe (bath robe) to be used when i wanted to bring in the washing if it rains. But robe? How unfashionable is that?

Thus Abaya came into picture. I bought my first Abaya in Little Dubai. Then, the husband bought me another one. And i acquired another one, and another one, and another 4. šŸ˜›

There are few good changes since i started wearing abaya.

1.I’ve never been without hijab when i am out of the house.

2. And never been without it too when i am in the house whenever non-muhrim relatives come to the house. It has always been hard before because these people have seen your hair and your skin. I managed to do that now.

3. Easier to nursing Sawda. Breastfeeding with Abaya is so easy and simple. I don’t need nursing shirt anymore. Bare areas can be covered, without extra nursing cover or anything like that.

4. I can still wear whatever i like inside. Jeans, sweat pants, palazzo, skirt, anything. I can even wear my Blogger Baby-T that i could not wear outside the house before. Abaya is a long dress, or an overcoat you may say, that covers your curves and it fits the command to display the beauty only to the husband.

5. The length of my tudung gets better. Now I always ensure that the tudung which i wear must covers my hair, ears, neck, and upper chest.

6. The need to wear the socks. Because it feels incomplete covering your aurat without wearing a socks. Still have yet to practice this, but i see it coming. 

7. And there’s an urge to watch my words, my action. I am no saint. My tongue slips a lot. And i do curse. But i don’t find it is suitable to curse in Abaya. While the fact is that it is never suit a muslim to curse at all times.

I guess, it all comes naturally. Bit by bit, i can feel the changes. And the changes are all to the better.

I am enjoying it. You know, sometimes i even feel like wearing the niqab. The husband has been supportive but i have to make sure that i am well-prepared

Quran and Sunnah command hijab. And Quran is the verses of Allah. And that’s what i want to do.

I just hope that i’ll stay istiqamah, insya Allah.

* a good article to read. 


12 thoughts on “Why Do You Dress Like That?

  1. assalamualaikum. mashaallah. that's a kind of writing that I like to read about abaya that changes someone's life to a better way. alhamdulillah for you sis.

  2. Alhamdulillah. I have never thought that just by wearing abaya would lead me to this kind of life, but it does.Semua yang berlaku tidak pernah satu kebetulan.betulkan?:)Kak chik doakan la saya semoga terus menerus istiqamah ya.

  3. i dunno if its called abaya or not, but my mom bought it for me when she went to yamen last year.http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/8850/78794713421c773bf46aa5ebw8.jpgsomething like the outer part. it has buttons, up til lower chest, with designs at the bottom.i wear it whenever someone comes or simply going to the minimarket. very convenient indeed. since you can wear almost anything inside. but long pants are necessary la kan XDbut i can see that certain abaya kinda show off the body curves too much. that would be a manipulation of the its real purpose – as a muslim wear. disappointing.

  4. nice. i think it is still called abaya kot. basically it is what malaysian call jubah.mmg very convenient kan. sangat2. like tiba2 posmen datang ke, orang api la, orang air la, pastu kita nak terlari2 semua. abaya should be shapeless kan, then only it fits the purposekan. cuma kalau kat kedai2 or online tu diorang bubuh sepit kat belakang to show the pattern ke something like that. btw, bila balik malaysia? i just knew recently your dad was the former director in my current office eh? and where ur kak teh is doing her housemenship?

  5. i see. so its not actually shapely la. haha.balik msia raya nnt. for a few days je. 4 days mcm tu T,Tyea. hehe. lama gak la my dad was there. so the staff yg dah lama mesti kenal punya.my sis is now in hosp kajang. and working life sure is horrifying XD

  6. mak ura!!!!!!! i iike dis entry so much!fedy just ade 2 abaya je (yg lain sume jubah) yg mama+adek beli kat abu dhabi n mase gi makkah dulu.. pakai bile nk gi masjid, ramadhan, terawikh, n bile nk cepat je, ie jumpe supervisor, hantar zahraa pegi school n etc (i mean sbb leh sarung je cam tuh, so cepat lah)but after reading ur entry nih, rase nk pakai slalu as in gi shopping, jalan2, etc jugak lah pas nih.. ;)nice entry, keep it up!

  7. silalah fedy, if it can benefit others. anyway, mak ura buat entry ni bukan pasal nak tunjuk i am good ke apa ke. hopefully takde sapa la rasa macam nak showing off.it is just that i want to share that sometimes, a single good thing can lead to many other good things. :)and sebagai peringatan to myself šŸ˜‰

  8. love tis post. I feel like leaving sumthing , but I dunno what to post here. so *smile* is the best I guess.. salam ukhuwwah šŸ™‚

    • thank you sister Aisyah. i am still in the process to improve myself on the this part, so everytime i read this entry, it reminds me to be better or at least maintain all 7 things i wrote in the entry.

      Btw, i appreciate your effort to leave a remark here. if you don’t know what to write next time, why don’t you leave your blog or email, so we can start be friends?

      Salam ukhwah!

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