sabar sahajalah banyak-banyak

tajuk diatas sekadar ingatan untuk orang-orang yang cepat snapped. it seems like the more you pray to be assobirin, the more you’ll be tested.

after all, you won’t know what you are capable of until you are tested, right?

it was slow at work, but i managed to finished few pending jobs. And emailed some people, and called a few others. So it wasn’t a bad day after all.

I dunno why i brought back my ‘work’ telekong. but i did. rupanya sawda nak pakai telekong masa sembahyang. She never asks but she did today.

Maka, kupakaikan brooch je and wallah, the telekung fits her. She performed Maghrib prayer and also requested to recite iqra’.

Umar and Hamzah came home late. I had to force Umar to finish off his Arabic homework. Then i tested numbers in Arab. It was just 11 – 20, but he could not recite the numbers.

I then asked him to recite 1-10. He couldn’t do that too. It was such a frustating situation. He had been in school since he was 4 and i expect at least he could do a bit better.

Maybe it was our fault. We always say that we wouldn’t force the kids to learn. Let them learn at their own pace.  Let them learn the fun way. I don’t want to be one kiasu mother.

But at times, i have this thought that if we don’t so who will?

What about you guys?

How do you teach your kids read, and write and calculate?

Let’s share.


5 thoughts on “sabar sahajalah banyak-banyak

  1. alahai comelnye sawda..:)..I also had almost the same situation as yours. Mcm2 kite expect sbb dh skolah as early as 4 tp agak hampe bile nak soh tulis nama sendiri pon x reti!!..nasib sekarang dh boleh tulis 2 out of 3 of his names (tu lah, sape soh boh nama anak panjang2!!..)..i think, sometimes we need to push them jugak.jgn biarkan jgn over..maybe kalau nk ajar pon, jgn amik masa lama sgt. biar kerap tp jgn lama..p/s: i bought telekong for Iman from jakarta awal2 beli je semangat nk ikut ni dh x de sebut pon…huhu

  2. well wawa…I don;t. I never sit down together with my kids and ajar depa wat keje skolah satu2…I malas. I let them learn everything by themselves. Sangat teruk kan? Untuk anak2 yg bawah2..I suruh the kakaks teach them. And now…I tak sangka Yasmin (my 3rd doter aged 4)pandai mengira dah,hahaha…considering I never actually teach her to count and calculate,so I guess the credit goes to my eldest lah.

  3. comelnye sawda… k1 pun lately rajin plk smyg ISYA'.. ye isya sahaja… esp time dia dipaksa tido.. tapi takde org kat bilik… so bila dia tgok mak dia tgh sbuk2 nk smyg dia pun nak smyg skali…as for me.. i'm trying my best utk buat daily practise dgn k1 biasanye lps magrib smntr nak tunggu isya'… tak bnyk n tak lama pun… 1 page for Iqra' teacher.. 1 page for Iqra' ustaz pastu 1 or 2 page of peter n jane… lps tu time nak tido dpd dengar dia cerita/borak mengarut i cakap baca alfatihah utk adik and then suruh dia hafal 2,3 surah dulu… baru boleh borak….and then i beli buku2 latihan suruh dia buat practise esp on weeknds or wkdays klau dia rajin.. 3,4 pg dpending on the tasks.. alah buku yg $2 lbh kat popular bnyk…most of the time kalu dia dgr i jerit k1 amik beg baca buku mesti dia alah,alah… tapi after a few minutes dia akan dtg dgn muka tak bermaya.. tp kalau susah sgt i pegi dpn terus tutup tv….kdg2 mmg penat n bila penat tu asyik la nak marah2 je… agak2 penat sgt suruh je ayah dia take over… tp dulu kena konsistent lgpun bdk2 umur 3-6yo ni tgh senang nak menghafal… my 2 cents..

  4. kak gjie, i know that we should put the burden to teach our kids to the teachers alone kan? and after all, the responsibility lies on us, and home is the best school.tapi itulah, at least mestilah ada something out of nothing. I mean, the teachers did good, banyak dah umar dah pandai, cuma entahla. Takkan nombor dalam Arab pun tak dpaat. Kalau tanya perkataan2 lain tu lagi la susah kan.And i agree with you, kena push, tapi bukan force. Maybe that's the key.hehe, sawda tu ikut orang. orang sembahyang dia sembahnyang. Tapi kalau orang leka, dia lagi la kan. :)Hi Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin. Umar is good in using the computer and surfing the Net. Adik2 pun dah pandai juga. And the credit goes to him too.Well, at least bagus jugak la kita ni didik anak 1st sampai dia boleh tolong ajar anak lain. ehehhe.Nak jugak kredit kat diri sendiri tu aghahhahaha.Kak dd, thanks for sharing your way. I'll try that too.Btw, why Isya'?Kalau kat rumah ni, sembahnyang Maghrib yang senang nak suruh. kalau solat waktu lain tu payah la sangat. 🙂

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