Kenapa mak balik pukul 5.40?

quick update:

1. umar now knows how to spell words, reads, writes and also type facebook status.

2. he asked me why was i late from work today. i have two options, to reach home from work earlier from now on, or prepare acceptable answer. Option 1 is easier.

3. Hamzah keeps requesting to have his own facebook account. Hmm. Soon enough, sawda will be asking the same.



7 thoughts on “Kenapa mak balik pukul 5.40?

  1. geeeeeeeeee thats so cute!but i guess you have to teach them using proper language kan. with all the deterioration of language caused by web suma nih. so unhealthy for youngsters. i mean, VERY young-sters. haha.

  2. aimi, it's cute and scary because at the same time he'll be reading whatever i write in my fb and blogs. i don't want to show bad example to him.and the language issue, i always force myself to write proper sentences, somehow sometimes terlepas jua.really young-sters ahahha. every coins has two sides. so be wise.kak bina, bak kata kawan saya dalam fb, kepimpinan melalui teladan. ni menujukkan terlalu banyak teladan sangat la ni sampai dia pun pandai berfb.kalau bab membaca dan menulis tu, semenjak dia pandai mengaji, dia makin pandai membaca rumi. kak aminah ishak yang bagi tips ni.

  3. mona, pangil mak tu pun ada kisahnya. nanti la rajin i buat entry, sayda, advance elok ke tak elok nih. masih berkira2.kak rozie, skrg kiut le. nanti esok2 tak mau berhenti guna komputer abis la saya.

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