Quran Curriculum

I was looking for homeschooling  activities when i stumbled upon this blog ummihomeschoolsme. She has created her kids homeschooling timetable and in one of the subjects, she has Quran Curriculum.


Basically, we are going to work our way through the Quran starting from the back at Surah Nas. The Quran Curriculum will involve going through the meaning and tafseer of each surah but also bringing in history, geography and science studies as part of the study of that surah. We decided to do this because we want the Quran to come alive for our children. We want them to live it, to really understand it and for it to be something they refer back to when learning about subjects such as science, history and geography. We did not want to teach these subjects exclusive of Islam. Rather, we wanted to teach these subjects based on the Quran. The National Curriclum for these subjects really is so dull and the child studies and understands these subjects as secular subjects. By teaching it this way, the child learns history, geography and science from an Islamic understanding which is always derived from the Quran.

She has got the point. Selalunya masa belajar Pendidikan Islam atau Agama kat sekolah, Quran is just like yet another subject. Then other academic subjects are like standing on their own. Very rigid.

Padahal kita tahu Islam itu syumul dan menyeluruh. Cikgu Geografi aku kata, apa yang kita nak tahu semua ada dalam Quran. Ilmu nak masak mee goreng pun ada. Tinggal kita nak cari atau tak je. 

Berbalik pada Quran Curriculum, this is how she outlined the activities. 


I took a pen and paper and listed all the surahs in Juz Amma. As she has memorised this juz already, I felt that this was the best place to start. Also, if I start here then I can use my planning for future children inshaAllah. I took my Quran and read the surah in English as well as reading the tafseer. I then made notes of what could be studied under the heading of that surah.

So, as an example:

In surah Abasa:

Aside from the actual events that took place in the seerah which relate to this surah, we will be studying about the blind and their script, food and healthy eating, water, plants, trees and family.

Want to know more?

Once my list for juz amma was complete, I then planned for each surah in detail. Here is an example:


  • -Recite the surah and read the translation in English or ask her father to go through the tafseer in Arabic with her. Discuss the meanings and lessons from the surah with her.
  •  Complete the Ad-Duha Mini Tafseer Book.
  •  History of Shaytaan using Learning Roots Book and talibiddeen junior website.
  • Project on Mankind – I have a wonderful saved project on continents and map work which we will work on for this. She will also use an interactive geography website which will explore the different countries and continents aimed at children.
  •  The Heart – British Heart Foundation resources
  • When studying the different subjects, it will always be related back to the understanding of the surah being studied inshaAllah. So, in Surah Nas alone, we have Islamic Studies, History, Geography and Science.

Aku rasa ini akan berjaya. I will start structuring and modify according to my convenience. Will start doing it with Umar. Mana tahu nanti boleh buat module yang berjaya and share it with others.

Wish me luck! And you guys, if you have tried, please share. Thanks in advance.



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