Gentle Reminder For Little Khalifah

Khalifah Allah?

I have posted the parenting tips for Khalifah Training in my post entitled Today I Will.

I really love the Khalifah method parenting. I haven’t gone to any of the training. My first encounter with the Khalifah Method was from Ustaz Hasrizal’s blog when he wrote about the Khalifah Model School.

I love the idea, but the school is in KL. I know i cannot afford to send my kids to the school, and the school will take a long, long, long time to reach Melaka.

Then, i heard about it again on the radio. A lady teacher/trainer ( maybe she was Sister Shareena) was on air and she said anyone is welcome to come and observe the class in KMS. I love the idea to experience the class (maybe when i finally quit my job, amin).

I believe it is by Allah’s will that i stumbled upon mommylyna’s (from entry on the methods she used to teach her kids. I was then, looking for more information on Khalifah method that is to be used in my upcoming ALIMKids Playgroup blog entry.

She wrote her experience on the Khalifah method

Pertama kali saya mencubanya dengan Hafiy, masa tu dia sedang dalam fasa suka memukul adik. Cemburunya memang kuat. Saya memberitahunya “Hafiy, Hafiy adalah khalifah Allah, Hafiy dijadikan untuk memimpin adik, mengajak adik ke arah kebaikan, ajar adik, tunjukkan contoh yang baik. Hafiy mesti bertanggungjawab dengan apa yang Hafiy buat”.

Dan hari ni, saya amat berpuas hati. Syukur pada Allah. Hafiy tak lagi pukul-pukul adik, sebaliknya dia mengajak adik belajar sama-sama, meminta adik mengemaskan barang-barang yang disepahkan, bersabar bila dia sendiri dipukul adik dan sebagainya.”

The next day, i went back to sleep after sahur. However, my sleep was disturbed when Hamzah and Umar kept on screaming and shouting at each other.

I called Umar to my room, this was precisely what i told him,

‘Umar, umar kan khalifah Allah. Khalifah Allah tak cakap jerit-jerit. Khalifah Allah cakap baik-baik dan lembut pada adik.”

And to my surprise, even though that was the very first time i used the phrase ‘Khalifah Allah’ the kids tone changed immediately.

Masya Allah. 

Never had i imagine such an instant change. And i never look back since then.

I will write more on Khalifah method, but for today, this is something to start with.

Gentle Reminder for Little Khalifah

Improving yourself everyday 

Say only nice words to others 

Spend your time wisely 

Learn not to give excuses 

Help others become good 

Allah is always there for you 

Putting your head to good use 

Be positive 

Tell yourself about what is good and what is bad 

Remembering Allah all the time 

Importance of obeying 

Think before you act 

Have confidence in yourself 

Love all creatures 

Feel blessed for being born a Muslim 

Removing the black spot in our heart 

Be nice to your teachers 

Do what Allah wants, not what shaitan wants 

Spend your time wisely during school holidays 

Beware of Shaitan’s tricks 

Be good to your parents 

Always be nice 

Learning is fun 

Importance of learning Arabic 

Be Thankful to Allah when you are praised 

Boy-Girl relationship 

Health is important 

Allah is watching all the time 

The Prophet’s examples are the best to follow 

Being a good listener 

Good behavior everywhere you go



    2 thoughts on “Gentle Reminder For Little Khalifah

    1. my son's kindy pon apply this khalifah method and in fact i did attend a speach from one of the rep from there..x igt nama mmg exactly mcm apa yg u wrote here..:)..x silap skolah dia kt far ada 1 je kot..

    2. actually most of us pun apply benda ni. bila kita jar anak kita pasal Allah itu satu. then lepas makan baca bismillah. kalau kenyang atau bersin baca alhamdulillah.but it is good to learn more, kan?plus the best school is home. makanya mak-mak pun kenalah jadi cikgu yang hebat. 🙂

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