t-120: lesson #1

i learnt that don’t be too overwhelm with the idea that you have plenty of time when you are at home.

the fact is that you have equal time just like you have had when you are working in the office.

i woke up late, i am having my menses, so that’s an excuse. Plus, the husband arrived late last night and i stayed up a while to catch up stories.

So again, i woke up late.
At 7.30 a.m.
Ironed the kids clothes,
took my bath,
prepared the kids,
sent them to school,
went back home for breakfast (bought),
went to Pantai Hospital to get MIL’s medication,

returned home and nursed sawda to sleep because she was feeling feverish,
fetch the kids from school,
bought some groceries on the way back,
lepak-lepak while waiting for the kids to clean themselves,

cook lunch (yeah, aku siang ikan dengan cantiknya for the first time ever, jangan gelak, but that’s the truth and nothing but the truth),
lepak-lepas some more,
folded the clothes,

took the kids and played outside (this is something new, and i am going to make this a new ritual, to get out from the house from 5.30 to 6.30 everyday),
the kids had fun, hamzah fell down in the mud and he cried because he was covered by mud. i am so thankful that i brought them out. Don’t want them to miss the fun playing with the dirt.

then the kids took their bath outside,
cooked them keropok for snack,
took my bath,
cooked dinner (the husband said he will learn to eat my cooking, aha! interesting),
clean the kitchen

here i am blogging.

So for first day, i am teaching myself not to put such a high expectation on what i should do in a day. 

i do miss chatting/talking with my colleagues and adults but so far i can manage.

Of course i can manage, this is the first day.


NEW: i know how to clean and cut ikan nicely, and cook them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, this is something i never have done before.

6 thoughts on “t-120: lesson #1

  1. wow! so u jadi yer unpaid! cayalah.. ok cant wait for t-0.. day one i tot u phone kong kete kong. means nak suh u stay at home yeah.

  2. mona, hopefully i can jot down everything. :)fatin, something has to be done. cakap je tapi tak buat susah jugak. so officially today is the 1st day, but reality, itstarted from last friday. banyak gila nak cerita, but too little time.:))

  3. Wawa boleh!anyway , the idea of bringing the kiddos out waktu ptg memang aku pon selalu kalau boleh aku buat. bila diorang penat waktu ptg, malam pun tido awal. selalu nya gitu.good luck wa!

  4. Sampai part you took the kids outside to play tu, it put a smile on my face ๐Ÿ™‚ The kids sure loving the moment having you at home babe.

  5. arin, mesti boleh. ehehe. tak boleh pun bolehkan jugak. :))lara, you know what, si umar cakap i dok rumah bukan buat kerja, so ilist out what i did all day long, still dia cakap tu duduk rumah bukan buat kerja. kecik2 dah jadi chauvinist, ahahhahah.

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