t-119: Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday is gonna be a tackle it day. meaning, it’s the day it’ll be doing the housework, and also tackle something small but always neglected.

like today, i managed to clean the fridge. throw away all the expired food, meds, clean up everything and now i have an organized with edible foods inside the fridge.


I was out all day. Doing business, with my husband and the kids. Got the ALIMKids Kit, sold some gold, visit a relative, what a tiring day. But i did not have to worry about tomorrow. All i need to do is to enjoy today.

I don’t even have to think of when to get the husband’s car that is left at my mom’s. We can always take it tomorrow.


I did not cook today, since i wasn’t at home. But i did prepare some nuggets and cold drinks for the kids as snack to be eaten in the car on our way to my mom before we left for KL.

Still need some adjustment on my spending habit on outside food. So far, haven’t been spending as much as we did when i was working outside the house.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Have a few open houses to attend (which i will definitely turn down if i am working, since it’s weekday), gotta check on the ALIMKids Center, have to email the parents on their sessions, check the new-smaller-2nd-hand car that will be replacing the current one, meeting a patient jewellery customer who has been asking us to come but we haven’t managed to come since before raya.

I think i need to wake up early. Start the day early before the kids are awake for more me time. That’s the most productive time for me.

Now, puteri perlu beradu.



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