t-115: ALIMKids is my new baby

i did the alimkids preview last saturday. it was exhausting but fun and i love it so much. it reminds me of how much i love teaching.

i always love teaching.

the reason i left stamford because of the low pay and i saw myself going nowhere if i stayed.

but i really, really love teaching.

i prepared all the stuff for that 1 hour session starting from thursday till late night on friday. Oh boy, i never thought that memorizing lyrics was hard.


i managed anyway.

i love seeing the kids eyes when they see me with passion. i love seeing the parents coming with enthusiasm.

i love everything i am doing now. maybe i have found something that suits me.

frankly speaking, i feel i am better at this than the RM4K job that i have been doing all these while.

I need to teach myself more to be redha, and not be afraid about our financial state in the future, then this could be my next career.

i thank Allah for showing me the way and crossing my path with these great people around me now.


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