t-116: patience is my virtue, insha Allah

one of my job spec is to send my kids to school and fetch them and 4 more kids from school, everyday.

Working with kids can be fun, but sometimes they just got on my nerve.

However, one of the invaluable experience that i learn while sending and fetching them is to be very patient.

Very, very patient.

You see, all these kids have working parents. So i sent them to their babysitters’ house or maid.

There’s a girl whose mother is on sabbatical leave. She will be at home but she asked me to send her daughter to the babysitter’s. I pass by her house everyday, and this girl would be able to see that her mother’s car is parked in front of the house, knowing that her mother is at home but she could not stay with her mother at the comfort of her home because mommy has work to do.

That makes her sad, i know, because she’s always reluctant to come out from my car when we reach the babysitter’s house.

The other day, there was nobody was at the babysitter’s. The gate was locked. I decided to send her to her house but nobody was there too. So i make a turn to the babysitter’s again to check if they had returned. I was tired, and started to feel mad as i was also in a hurry to meet a customer. Besides i felt so very  exhausted because i just cleaned the house before i fetched them. But i could not just leave her simply anywhere, could i?

Thank god, when we made the 2nd round, the babysitter was at home. She was sweating, and according to her story, she wailed at me and called me when she saw my car passed by the tadika where she sent her daughter (the class ended at 12.00 that day, while Umar’s class ends at 11.30 every friday). Of course i did not hear or see her. I was in the car.

Astagfirullah. Hampir-hampir nak marah. But you see, this is what i said about working with kids.

If it is not because of the kids themselves, it would be other things that’ll actually test your patience and teach you about being more tolerate, more understanding and many many more.

And another thing i learn is that i know i need to really make this work. I don’t want to go back to my 8-5 office work anymore.

By the way, Hamzah told me that it would be great if he could go to “rumah orang” after school because all his friends went to “rumah orang’. He said he could play all day when he goes to “rumah orang”.

Well, my dear hamzah, “rumah orang” will never be the same as rumah sendiri even though mak is fierce like singa lapar everyday. 😛

And another thing, I have not intention to make you guys feel bad about yourself, but this is just my personal experience. My feelings. And what i want to do.

I hope Allah makes it easy for me and to you as well.



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