ya allah, i have been abandoning this blog for quite sometime. seriously tak sempat nak duduk blog pun, plus i have a handful blogs to be updated.

padan muka. sapa suruh buat blog banyak-banyak?

anyway, alhamdulillah i am done with the cars. Sold off my vios and got my new car.

the processes were really pain in the ass. and i am damn tired having to run to and fro to settle everything.

because it is my car, so i had to do it. even kalau encik suami buat pun, takde guna since most of the time, they need the owner to come, to verify the signature, to this, to that.

i think i will blog about the car selling and buying procedure in my other blog. so that others will benefit from my experience.

anyway, i sold and buy my car via never thought that it is really working. so you guys, gunalah mudah. insya allah mudah.

and now we need to continue searching for hubby’s car. Again!

we are looking for avanza. sebab budget range is around rm4xK je. This time, we will directly go to kedai kereta and hope for dealers to work for us. Sebab ni kereta company.


akak betul2 dah lemah dek non. this is like my 4th week of being away from the office and i still am adjusting the schedule.

if anyone would want to try to be an away-from-8-to-5 office job, the 1st month is just to settle stuff. belum masuk lagi adjustment period.


ok, will write again soon!


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