My newest career?

Well, i have always love teaching. I always play ‘cikgu-cikgu’ with my sister when i was smaller and of course, i was the teacher.

I applied for Diploma perguruan and actually got accepted in MPPM for English and PE, but i turned down because i got another offer. 😛

After graduated, i became a replacement teacher for two months and i taught Arts, PE and Music. Hehehe.

Then, i pursue my passion (bluewwwk) in Stamford College and taught CS for Diploma and Degree Courses. But after two years i left because it led me nowhere. Anyway, i managed to complete Cert in Teaching Course when i was there.

I was also a part-time tutor for OUM for one semester. The money i earned was used for my wedding and one of my student was a JPJ officer who was on duty when i took my driving test. ^wink^

After that i joined the gomen services. I had always asked to give taklimat and talks on IT stuffs.

And my love for teaching never ends. People always thought that i am a teacher or a lecturer or something like that.

Anyway, i am now known as teacher wawa by the ALIMKids’ kids. yeay!

Finally, Allah shows me the way to something i love doing though it is only on part-time basis.

ALIMKids Playgroup Melaka is officially operating. Do visit my other blog to see me on action. Class is on saturdays and there are still few spots open for registration.


Apa lagi, come join us and you’ll get to meet teacher wawa.


10 thoughts on “My newest career?

  1. lara, tapi budak2 rumah ni tanya apsal panggil wawa? wawa ni nama budak kecik. :Pbg mad redo1, headmaster sebol tak ada. nanny sebol ada sebab bila teacher wawa pergi mengajar nanny sebol kena jaga anak kat rumah. ahaharin, anak aku pun selalu kenal kau sebab selalu jumpa kat sgm atau alimkids.

  2. selamat pagi cikgu… :)mmg salute sape ade talent mengajo ni, bkn sng woooo… akk penah gak terjebak jd cikgu ni, tp for ONE day only! hik hik… saye mmg takleh jd cikgu sbb ank murid yg buli saye.. makanya akk surrender…akk cuma leh ajo ank2 akk je, hehe.. tu pun cpt aje nk marah klu ank2 tak catch up.. huhu.. blame me for kat tmpt keje pun, i realize my burokss attitude itu klu rakan2 yg lmbat fham bile bertnya esp ttg IT.. sllnya yg nk cpt marah tu sbb mende2 basic.. actually kite pun takleh expect high kat everybody ttg bidang tu kan… therefore, i mmg takleh nk mengajo.. hehe.. anyhow, still, i can teach more one-to-one basis than one-to-many!

  3. Good for you lah..:)..Now the challenge is on how to keep the spirit up and do it better. But, I know you can do it lah..Ada beza between work with passion and work with tension..:)..Hope you will keep on your teaching energy and sustain the passion and spirit. It's not easy bebeh but I'm sure you can do it..p/s:teringin nk tengok teacher wawa beraksi..if turun bangi/kajang, sila bagitau..bole akak angkut bebudak nih blajo dgn teacher wawa..:)

  4. kak ninie, ngajor budak besar dengan budak kecik lain sangat. tapi saya rasa, dengan budak kecik, diorang yang ajar kita tentang life. seriously. kak gg, yeah, now ni kena pastikan motivasi tak basi.

  5. very rarely i hear those who has work in gomen services leave their job to pursue her dream.. all i can say.. bravo!! and good luck wawa 🙂

  6. kak, saye selalu nampak akak post psl AlimKids ni kat FB. Akak punye nursery sendiri ke ni kak?By the way, tahniah sb dah berjaya jadi teacher…your dream job!

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