Take action

i am really thankful to dona for telling me this when i asked her opinion before i took unpaid leave,

“you may ask others about it, people can tell you anything. but it is after all your life.

maybe you should stop planning, and start taking action”.

and she was the last person i asked for opinion.

i’m really thankful for her advice.

or else, i might still be in the office wondering should i or shouldn’t i.

thank you dona, and thank you Allah.

edited: found an article that says exactly what dona said earlier.

7. Being overwhelmed by information

It’s called “analysis paralysis,” the condition of spending so much time thinking about a problem and cramming your brain with so much information that you lose the ability to act.
It’s been said that information is to the brain what food is to the body. True enough. But just as you can overeat, you can also overthink.
Every successful person I’ve ever met has the ability to know when to stop collecting information and start taking action. Many subscribe to the “ready – fire – aim” philosophy of business success, knowing that acting on a good plan today is better than waiting for a perfect plan tomorrow.

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