Dilema lagi

my boss called me last two days. She wanted me to return to work soonest possible since JPA refused to pool me.

I’ve told my husband about it. He told me to resign. Which is quite funny because when i first came up with this idea, he was the one who was sceptical the most.

Now i am in dilemma. Should i quit or shouldn’t i?

There are like tonnes of things that i am now able to do which i couldn’t when i was working in the office.

However,  i am still afraid of the financial constraints.

I had my 1st low-time since i become a full-time housewife the day the boss called.

Everything didn’t turned out right.

Apart of the boss request, the owner of the premise sms-ed me about the premise. And something about the business. And the kids were quarrelling the whole day.

I almost broke down.

But this is life.

One should move on.


2 thoughts on “Dilema lagi

  1. solat istikarah byk.. doa biar ikhlas mintak petunjuk ALLAH, suruh ALLAH guide.. I am very sure He will help you..after dah buat sume tuh, br leh follow your guts feeling..All the best mak ura.. fedy doakan from jauh..

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