definitely maybe

no, i have not resign from my office job.

the initial plan was to take a 3-months unpaid leave to take care of my kids and myself.

the husband is too busy with his job and his business. So i thought, this is just the right time for me to stay at home with the kids, send them to school, fetch them from school, yada yada.

And it is also time for me to re-evaluate my life.

I am already 30. Time waits for no man and it flies fast no matter if we are having fun or not.

Thus, the unpaid leave.

And to be frank, i just started the actual unpaid leave since 22nd October 2010. Earlier, i was finishing off my annual leave.

So, officially i have not yet experience the hard part yet, where i don’t have fix monthly income.

I don’t know what to expect.

So far i am doing well at home. After one month, i now have a proper schedule. When to clean the house, when not to clean the house, ahaha.

The first week of my leave, Umar wanted me to go to work because if i don’t, we will not have sufficient money to buy him toys and whats not.

But now, he told me not to. 🙂 That is predictable.

It ain’t easy for me to “not” go to work. The first few weeks, i felt like useless. I think i’d do better at work.

Arin opened my eyes to this whole new world.

I adapt well, and fast. And am liking it, hopefully even after i realised i won’t be getting any paycheck tomorrow.

And what is with the title?

You know me well for me to explain.



5 thoughts on “definitely maybe

  1. takpe, en somi bleh bg income :)..akak juge mode berangan utk buat cam awk.. tapi tu la, monthly income sape nk bagi? huhuhu…

  2. jangan tertipu. encik suami beri nafkah yang sepatutnya. selebihnya kena la tanggung sendiri.tapi kalau dah poket kecik, kenalah belanja secara sepadan kan kak ninie.:)in a way, bila takde fix income ni hutang dan nak buat hutang pun takut juga sebab takut tak terbayar.

  3. ye.. i wont be getting any paycheck this month osso… we'll wait n see for the impack… hahaha…hopefully Allah ttp jadikan sy org yg sentiasa bersyukur dgn apa yg ada dan yg tiada.. aminnp/s.. i suka part yg when to clean the house n when not to… hihihi

  4. oh kak dd, sama2 la kita berusaha bantu keluarga denga berjimat cermat ehehe.bab cleaning tu mmg perlu. kalau takkerjanya mengemas je 24 jam. anak pun terabai. ahahah

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