Hectic and havoc

oh, what a hectic week i had this week.

Started on Thursday when Arin and I was invited to Center For Affiliate and Diploma Programme in MMU for a breastfeeding sharing session.

It was fun, and interesting with such an enthusiastic crowd. I love this bit of breastfeeding. I got to meet many interesting people that share the same love.


Who says breastfeeding limit your social life?

Came Saturday, work day. Not so many kids turned up. I missed them especially because the playgroup was cancelled too last week due to Deepavali.

And this morning, we attended Umar and hamzah’s ikhtifal (graduation day). Penat betul, the kids yang bersukan and berconcert apa bagai, kita yang penat lebih-lebih. :))

Ikhtifal PASTI As Solihin Merlimau 2010

Umar sapu habis the presents. Tapi dalam kelas pun ada like 6 kids je. :))

Yang suprisenya, Hamzah was the best student in his class. We never really care of their position in class. As long as they improve and get better each day, it is OK. Tak mau jadi parents yang kiasu dengan nombor-nombor.

Tapi dah melampau-lampau pulak tak kisahnya, sampai tak perasan anak tu perform dalam kelas. Hehe.

Cuma dalam hati ada sedikit perasaan “kesian kat anak aku kalau tak dapat hadiah”. A few days back, Cikgu minta aku jadi judge peraduan mewarna. So i picked the winners. In the car, i asked umar which one was his and hamzah’s. Based on his descriptions, they weren’t in the list that i picked. (Tak bias kan? Hehe, because the kids memang kaler tak cantik pun kuang kuang kuang).

Dah lah hamzah bab sukaneka ni semua tak berapa nak boleh juga. Kelakar abis tadi. Hehe. So i was like worried the whole time if he gets upset when he did not get anything.

Oh boy, how wrong i was. He scored in few subjects (English, Math etc). And he was also the best student in his class.


And thank you Cikgu Ida and Cikgu Nur for teaching my kids.

So today we have plenty of tidbits at home. Huhuhu.

The kids makan non-stop. Now i need to think how to stop them from getting sugar high.


And finally, as the closure, i attended the Kelab Susu Ibu Melaka Get Together. There were 3 new faces. Next gathering will be held on the 19th December 2010.

November Kelab Susu Ibu Melaka Get Together

Hope to get more and more crowd next time. So here comes Monday. Cuti day!


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