eid mubarak

the truth is, i don’t see leaving the fix income job (fij) as a sacrifice i make to be with the kids and family.

the truth is, this is something i want to do, simply because i think i am better at this (or willing to be better).

the truth is, i am afraid with my financial state now. I am torn between returning to fij and do what i am doing now.

the truth is, i am leaving this to Allah. Of course, i need to make some efforts to ensure whatever goals i have is achieved, this way or another.


Eid Mubarak, taqaballahu Minna wa minkum.

2 thoughts on “eid mubarak

  1. at first mmg rasa takut sebab tiba2 dah tak de duit masuk hujung bulan..but trust me as long as you are ikhlas n tabah, esp. if your spouse are ok with the whole decision, it will be easier to swallow..pandai la nak adjust sana sini utk cukupkan..though at times akan rasa la..like ish kalo aku keje dulu..ada duit sendiri bla bla..i don't know about you, but i think if women yg dpt laki berkira mmg susah skit la, bila mintak duit mcm kena buat proposal belanjawan apa je..unlike my hubby, he will say beli yang, beli..i pulak yg pikir byk2 kali..is that keperluan or cuma keinginan yg kalo tak de pon tak mati..hehe..i think i learn to be more beringat once i become homemaker..banding dulu..pikir alah nanti ujung bulan ada la gaji..just my thought n experience to share 🙂

  2. thanks farah. i find that i always need to steer my direction to the initial niat and goal as why i choose this path.and thanks for acknowledging my fear. yelah kan, after all these while i know that i will have the money to pay all the bills and whats not. All of the sudden, the security is gone. insya Allah, my husband isn't the calculative type. And yes, once we have a limited amount of money, we will be more careful with our spending. Macam i, it has been a while since i spend unnecessarily. And guess what, i am still alive. INgatkan dulu mati kalau tak dapat shopping sakan. :))

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