Fear not

i am organizing a seminar for mumpreneurs be it homemakers or full-time workers.


This is just to let people know that there are other options in generating income.

The thing is i am organizing it in Melaka. And as far as i am concern, Melaka market is unpredictable.

I can just go to KL and join the seminar there. Somehow i wanna share the knowledge first hand with my friends.

This isn’t a promo entry. No, no bukan advert.

Venturing into business is not as easy as people thought. Or as i thought.

To tell the world that you exist is the hardest thing to do. And i am organizing this under my company, Brainy Young Caliph (BYC).

At first, looking for a decent venue for the seminar. I really like a place. When i asked the owner to rent the place, i was rejected. I was down. I don’t have any idea where else i could rent. Hotels are expensive and i cannot afford just yet.

Allah gave me ideas when i was on the sejadah. That, i learnt from kak iyah in her note The Practice of Listening.

“When I was introduced by friends here to the idea of listening to the inner voice, sit down in quiet place and let the Divine guide you and help you change, whatever changes you want to see and need to have in your life, then I decided to practice it after my 5 times prayers. I decided to spend longer time on my praying mat, not leaving the mat immediately and having my quiet time for another 10 to 15 minutes and remain silent on my sajadah or praying mat.”


Masya Allah. How come i did not think of that options earlier? After a few calls, i managed to book the seminar room.


Marketing and promotion sometimes makes me afraid.

What if no one wants to join?

How do i make people come especially this is paid seminar?

And all the questions come popping in my mind.

However, i think it’s better for me to start somewhere. Even if i don’t get a full house in this seminar, i won’t die. The worst thing that could happen is that i will have to fork my own money to pay kak lily as the speaker.

And how bad will that be?

I am now telling myself, fear not. Just do it. There’s always room for improvement.


Insya Allah.


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