time is golden

So little time, so many things to do.

Anyway, ths is what i have been up to today. Updating the jewellery catalog for DuaLogam Merlimau.

You can see more in the DuaLogam Merlimau Fanpage album. Do visit. Tak beli tak apa, yang penting cuci mata dulu. Amacam catchy tak? ahahha.

Yeah i know, i am wearing a lot a caps. Jewellery dealer, gold saving consultant, playgroup teacher, breastfeeding peer counselor, event manager,
next in line, very very soon, breastfeeding stuffs seller, and one big project on May next year.

There are so much work waiting in the list to keep me busy.

Hehe. My sister called me his morning, telling me that my dad isn’t happy with my decision. I suppose i understand what he feels and he meant well.

But this is like, now or never. Orang kampung kata, selagi ada kudrat. She reminded me that i’ve always like to be a businessperson. I helped my mom to sell kerepek pisang, kuih koci and what not. I worked every school break since i was in primary school. My dad was the one who exposed me to the sales and marketing world.

Thus he shouldn’t be too worry. I will be fine. If i fall, then i will get up. If i fall again, i will get up again. If i fall 7 times, i will get up 8 times. (Japanese Proverb)

Insya Allah.

This is something i want to quote from the book i am currently reading (yeah, cannot get enough from the book).

‘No” is the word on your path to “Yes”. “Don’t give up too soon. not even if well-meaning parents, relatives, friends and colleagues tell you to get a “real job”. Your dream is your real job. – Joyce Spizer – Author of Rejections of the Written Famous.

and finally, something for us to ponder by Puan Ainon Mohd,

Falsafah malam ini: Apabila memilih cita-cita, jangan sekali-kali menjadikan pekerjaan sebagai cita-cita.

Good nite, sweet dreams.

Jangan upa bangun tahajjud.


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