Space Fair at Melaka Planeterium

Outside the Planeterium

Last friday, i brought the kids to Planeterium Melaka in MITC. It wasn’t a planned activity. I went there to meet a friend but she got something up and cancelled our meeting.

Since the Space Fair at Melaka Planeterium will be ending soon (22 November till 28th November 2010) so i though, ok let’s go and see what is in store for us.

Things we saw and did there

The entrance fee is RM8.00 for adults and RM5.00 for kids. We came in just in time to catch the 3D movie. It was about The Sun. Hamzah cried in the 3D theater because he dislikes loud noise and darkness. I managed to console him anyway because i just need some rest. LOL.

Coloring section organized by Nuri

Besides the 3D movies, i saw there was a lecture handled by NASA but i wasn’t sure what it was about. Other than that, there was a UV beads session (didn’t check) and a computer lab with some space shuttle building software.

Hamzah building his own spaceship

To tell the truth, i did not enjoy our visit. This is our 2nd visit and i am not sure i will come again next time.

However, this is purely my personal view. You should go there and check it out yourself.

note: more on Malacca Planeterium & Adventure Science Centre

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