busy but i am liking it

well, i haven’t got time to update this blog. have a lot to share but one has to do what one has to do. proritize is important esp when one is a home. i tend to get off track and distracted. What i can do in 15 minutes may take 1/2 hour to complete but i am still learning and adjusting.

business is doing well. in fact i would like to say that it is doing great. When i say great, it does not means that i am getting plenty of money out of it. Had my share of losses too but i take it as part of life experience.

I organized my first seminar from scratch yesterday. selama ni buat juga tetapi jadi committee je. When you organize your own seminar, you’ll have a lot to think and to do.

I felt like i have butterflies in my tummy the morning before the seminar. Anxious, worry and a whole lot of undescribeable feeling.

The seminar had almost being cancelled out. I have had this problem of getting people to sign up. Earlier i managed to get about 17 people but 6 of them cancelled due to other commitment.

However, i told myself that i should just do it. Even if i had to fork my own money rather than getting my own money. In fact, this experience can be a good story in the future, when i am successfull.

Hehe, Optimist kan?

So that it is over, my next project will be to tender my resignation. I need to send my letter asap.


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