[WAHM] BYC’s First Executive@Home Seminar


Our first seminar for WAHM was successfully held on 12 December 2010. The guest speaker was Puan Lily Maznah Muas from Ummikusayang.com.

The content of the half day seminar was about the third option that every women has which is to work from home. Often times when wanted to focus more on family, we are told that our choice is to quit working.

However, that option is frightening. The idea of not generating any income to the household will refrain most of us from choosing to be with the family at home.

Other than elaborating the third option, participants were also taught on how to plan and how to start. Financial planning is crucial. Therefore, each of them needed to list down their current expenses so that they’ll be aware of their spending.

Puan Lily also shared with us her own experience starting her home biz with her partner 10 years ago. She is one living proof that being an executive@home could be materialised with proper knowledge and planning.

BYC plans to organize more seminars and classes on WAHM in the future. Watch out for this space. We will keep you updated.

Insya Allah.

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