Greener Pastures

My first FB status this year was to find a greener pastures.

New year is coming in a few days time. I have found my greener pastures. This is it.

Be a Work-At-Home Mom. Being my own boss, be my own employee.Manage my time, manage my family. All according to my own sweet time (seriously?).

I always believe that whatever you think or say is a Dua (supplication). Be it good or bad. Thus, think positive, be optimist, always have good stuffs in mind. Think big, think small.

Dua need not only be said on the prayer mat after solat. A good muslim make their Dua everywhere, anywhere all the time. In bad times and especially in good times.

Eventually, later or sooner each of it will be true.

So have you said your Dua today?


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