I can cook too

Semalam pergi beli barang dapur. the grocery budget was about RM400 in the first month i stayed at home full time. I just replenished the stocks yesterday and it cost me RM128. The idea is to buy wet stocks on weekly basis. I think that is a basic idea everyone knows already.


I am surprised that somewhere, somebody spend RM700-RM1000 for their groceries. I think it is so easy to go overbudget. There are many-many ways on cutting the monthly budget. Having a list is so important. Another tips is to get your husband to buy the groceries for you, provided that they are more focus on the objective than you are.


I try not to bring my kids to the shop. they tend to request for unnecessary stuff. Jajan, keropok, vitagen, calciyum, you name it. Still, bringing them to buy things is great sometimes, They can learn a whole lot of things there. They learn to calculate, to read ingredients, the check on the price, the value of money etc.

Anyway, another way of cutting the monthly budget is by cooking. As i have said earlier, i am a lousy cook. I am thankful for the invention of internet and all the online chefs.

Apam balik chef hanieliza

The look may not be nice, but it tastes good, no doubt.

Today i make Apam Balik from Chef Hanieliza 1 Hari 1 resepi cookbook. What i like about her recipes is that it always works.

I would recommend you to get the book in Popular Bookstore. 365 recipes for you to try.

Buku 1 hari 1 resepi chef hanieliza

Now i need to get steamer for my kitchen. 🙂 And a blender too.


3 thoughts on “I can cook too

  1. steamer kalau takde, aku tak kisah la..
    selama ni tak pakai blender? waaa.. kagum.. hihi… kalau aku perlu ada walaupun jarang pakai…

    skang lg best… dah tak masak langsung.. bertuah punya anak… mentang2 duk ngan mak.. ekekekke… tp satu je la.. umah mak aku segala ada.. bebila leh masak.. rajin tak rajin je

    • haha, mak aku asyik ambil blender je tu yang tak ada. tapi bagus juga, aku pun boleh la asyik ambil cili boh dari rumah mak atas alasan tak ada blender.

      ahaha. alasan semata-mata.

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