Does supermommy exists?

I don’t think that kids believe there exist such thing as marah-marah sayang.

I got angry easily lately. Cannot blame it on menses tho. šŸ˜›

Being with the kids 24-7-365 (belum lagi) makes me lose my temper easily. The house is messy all the time, somebody would be shouting or crying or both all the time. It is deafening.

Although i kind of mastered the art of solitude, but at times it just doesn’t work. That’s the time my voice will be louder than anyone else in the house.

Well, one thing i learnt is that one cannot be a supermommy. Infact supermommy doesn’t exists. So one need not to act as one.

Just do the best. And Doa banyak-banyak.

In work, in play, in anything we shall pray.


note: I am going to my mom’s place today, finally, after days and days postponing the plan. The hosue is only 25km away, but the kids prefer to stay at home because they get to use the Internet and watch TVIQ at home. Bad. I had to drag their butt just to get out of the house. I should get going now before the changed their mind again.


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