His name is Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Introducing, Malaysian latest phenomena, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

Haha, berdesup-desup semua orang post status and like Khairul Fahmi, penjaga gol Malaysia yang berasal dari Kelantan tu. Zaza siap jumpa awek Khairul Fahmi punya blog. Huhu.

Stalk jangan tak stalk.

I find that most of the footballers in today’s game so cute. Indonesian players lagi lah boleh jadi pelakon sinetron lepas ni. Tak usah menangis air mata darah.Ashraff Sinclair boleh pencen dari berlakon sinetron ya.

And the best was the cameramen. Setiap kali shoot crowd mesti shoot awek Indonesia yang cun-ness. Subhanallah. Indah sungguh ciptaan Allah. Among the crowd was Luna Maya, Manohara pun ada.


It’s confirm, public holiday, PM declares Friday is declared as public holiday to commemorate Malaysia’s victory in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup tonight or from Utusan Malaysia, Jumaat Cuti Umum.

Anyway, that wasn’t what i wanna share tonight. Our newest obsession isn’t Fahmi, Rajagopal or any of Harimau Malaya players.

Presenting Squishy, Umar’s first pet.

Khairul Fahmi Harimau Malaya

He has been pestering me to get a rabbit, while Hamzah wants a cat. I am not an animal person. I don’t know how to take care of cat or rabbit.

Recently they played with sponge and soaked it in a box full of water, pretending that is a fish. Kesian sangat.

So here you go.

Gold Fish. Not one but two. And another 2 Angel Fish.

The one in the picture is Squishy, another one all orange is Nemo (yeah, predictable kan?).

The Angel Fish are Belang and Stripey.

Haha. Whatever. Sawda loves them so much. She talked to the fishes but complaint when the fishes didn’t reply to her.

Rajagopal Not the gold fish

I got a medium size plastic aquarium, and a 3-in-1 filter so that i don’t have to do much work taking care the fishes. Everything costs us RM53 but cincai-cincai kira, i had to pay RM50.

Hopefully the fishes love staying with us and do not die too fast, OK.


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