School, homeschooling and deschooling

I woke up at 6 and prepared umar’s kuih kodok as he requested. Everything went smooth sailing and off we went to school at 7 a.m.

Meet Amir and Yusof. They are schoolmates from PASTI. I offered them kuih kodok that Umar brought because Amir told he he has not had his breakfast. Fast forward, after the assembly, the kids are brought to their respective classes.

After a while, i got bored waiting for Umar at his school. Told him i’m going back and will return to supervise recess. Gave him RM1.00 just in case if he decided he wanted to buy something at the canteen.

So now i am at home. Alone.

The husband brought Sawda and Hamzah to school. Yeah. There goes my homeschooling plan.

I have a plan for them. Seriously, i even have something to do with them today. But the other half does not share the same interest.

You see, Sawda is only going to be 3 this year and she has yet to be potty trained. I doubt the teacher would want to take care of her diaper ‘business’ when they have another 20 kids to be taken care of. And there are only 2 teachers a t school.

Meanwhile, i know hamzah is already 5. But who says 5 is a compulsory age to start schooling. I mean, it is good to send them to school, if there’s nobody at home to teach them. But i am at home, full-time.

Preparing them to school is a stressful activity. We can do a whole lot fun activities rather than facing the morning battle.

Plus, they will have to spend 11 years in school when the time comes.

I know, this sudden homeschooling idea i brought up is overwhelming. Believe me, i have been reading and studying about it for quite sometimes. It is just that i don’t have the opportunity to try it, yet.

Children, like all human beings, crave freedom. They hate to have their freedom restricted. Children explore and play, freely, in ways designed to learn about the physical and social world in which they are developing. In school, they are told they must stop following their interests and, instead, do just what the teacher is telling them they must do. That is why they do not like school.– Peter Gray, a specialist in Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology.
[- Freedom to Learn,]

Somehow i know it will work. I admire Noha (Dr. No), Mamafami ( and many others who have homeschool their kids and succeed. After all, if i fail, we can always send them to school later for it is never too late for any of them now.

Or maybe me and you should be deschooling.

Deschooling is not just the child recovering from school damage. It’s also the parents exploring their own school and childhood damage and proactively changing their thinking until the paradigm shift happens.—Robyn Coburn

Well, these are the things that we  all should do.

“Stop thinking schoolishly.

Stop acting teacherishly.

Stop talking about learning as though it’s separate from life.”- sandra dodd in Deschooling for Parents.

Ah, i’d better go now. Umar’s recess in 20 mins.


8 thoughts on “School, homeschooling and deschooling

  1. Salam Wawa,

    sama lah wawa, saya rasa pun lebih baik homeschooling. tapi entah lah, masih belum percaya pada diri sendiri – kebolehan diri untuk mendidik.

    minat dan suka mendidik nana dari sejak kecil. buktinya nana cekap abc dan 1-20 (walaupun belum pernah ke preschool) – ke itu normal utk umur 4 tahun ? hee…

    anyway, love ur post!

    • Sorry effa terlepas pandang komen effa ni. :))

      kita ni takperlukan degree in education untuk homeschool. Skrg internet kan ada, carilah resources kat sana. Ada banyak. 🙂 Anyway, keep on doing what you are doing now. Setiap usaha dan perubahan kecil bagi anak-anak tu cukup berharga kan. :))

  2. when it comes to this schooling issue, my hubby dah ckp dia serah pada my budi bicara sbb dia lebih cerewet n rasa semua sekolah tak cukup baik utk anak kesayangan dia..huhu..for now nampak gaya mcm my son suka nak berkawan, so my plan tahun depan nak hantar pegi islamic montessori 3 jam sehari utk socialize..dah research sakan ni padahal anak belum pandai berckp lagi, potty trained apatah lagi..sungguh kiasu mama ni..haha!

    • i started alimkids sebab nak ajar anak2 bersosial. Tapi dek kerana suami sarankan supaya dihantar ke sekolah, jadi terlebih bersosial dan yakin la nampaknya.

      Sawda tu dah macam mak nenek dah MQ. Pening kepala melayannya. Tapi dia memang steady kalau berkawan dan bercakap. Mana tahu nanti jadi pemidato ke politician ke. Ehehe. Good luck in your quest btw

  3. Great to know ramai ibu2 yang terbuka hati nak hs anak2.. I agree with you dear when you say kalau hs is not successful, it is never too late to send our kids to school.. But how effective is our school syllabus for the kids (except maybe some private schools)? I see that ramai anak2 sekarang yang akhlaqnya rendah, some when they come back from school, they don’t even know what they are learning (I know this because I private tuition some students after school), they don’t speak proper language, etc..

    I have a friend whom is a discipline mistress in a gov school and also an Islamic Studies teacher. She told me that before 1996, the Islamic Stds syllabus included Jihad as part of the subject. However, (everyone knows what happen after that year) they demolished some of the most critical topics from I.STD syll. (If you have the old ISTD textbook, you can see it for yourself). This makes me more convinced to hs my kids. We can still register our kids for the government exams and in addition, they can take the IgCSE exams at the same time…

    CCTS is better developed when our kids are taught about it and we the parents (at home) play very important role of doing this. You see how many graduates graduated without having this skills.. And I wonder why this happens to our local graduates?

    Sorry for the grandmother talk.. Just sharing what I have in mind.. But the idea of hs for Malaysian kids are just so good to be considered by mothers.. Like u said, we don’t need a degree to do so, but actually, you can raise a child who one day can bring back a scroll of degree or even higher. Then, you know and notice that you are worth a professor yourself..

    • i wish there is a ‘like’ button because i so like your comment.

      i have another point to add, don’t you think that kids are actually the teacher and we learn from them?

  4. Please note and cite this as a quote, in your post above, as they are my exact words. Thanks.

    Stop thinking schoolishly. Stop acting teacherishly. Stop talking about learning as though it’s separate from life.

    They are from a 2002 article called “Deschooling for Parents,” which is freely available here:

    (In case the link above doesn’t work, this might.)

    I’m glad to be quoted, and am happy for you to share the information, but I would like to have my name next to my quotes. Thank you.

    If the blog post is changed to have quotation marks and my name, I don’t mind you deleting this comment. Thank you.

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