I am flexible and i am free

The thing about being at home full-time is that you have the freedom to plan your time. However, time is not yours alone.

When the school started earlier this week, i have to get out of the house at least 4 times in the morning to send the kids to school and fetch them from school. I am yet to adjust my body to the new schedule. For the past three days, my battery will be flat at around 3 o’clock. You couldn’t find me online during that hour.


But the kids bodies are amazing, subhanallah.

They have to wake up early, spend the whole morning at school and absorb a whole lot of information. When they return home, they’ll still have energy to play and to wrestle with each other and never get tired.

Huhu, talking about aging.
As a WAHM, i have changed my schedule. The first few months when i started my unpaid leave, this was my weekly schedule.

Monday: Prepare the weekly schedule/ food
Tuesday: Tackle it tuesday/ housekeeping
Wednesday: Business day: Dualogam matters
Thursday:Alimkids in Umar’s School (Preparation)
Friday: Housekeeping
Saturday: Alimkids
Sunday: Outing day/Freestyle

But now, the only time i can do my work in peace is when they are at school. So, i decide to work on my business from 9 till 11.30 a.m. After that it’s family time.

Housework will be done in the evening. That includes ironing tomorrow’s school uniform. We only have two sets each so i need to iron like every two days.

I sleep early now. Settled to bed at 10. This is because Umar needs someone to accompany him. I know, i know about teaching and letting your kids to sleep in their own room, or sleep by their own. However, i’ll wait until he is ready.

At least he is now sleeping in his own bed, in my room while i am cramping with the other two munchkins.

Like yesterday, i got caught by the lazy bug. So i did not switched on my computer meaning there no work done at all. Huhuhu.

But i tackled the drain outside the house and cleaned my husband’s office (home office, yeah, we love working from home).

See, time waits for no man so use the time wisely even when you are lazy.

Got to go now!

5 thoughts on “I am flexible and i am free

  1. baguslah dah jd fulltime housewife tapi dlm fikiran still eager to make money… ini yg perlu ade dlm minda semua housewife.. bukan hanya berfikir, kalau dah jd surirumah tu, hanya buat kerja rumah… perlu juga fikir nak carik sumber kewangan sendiri. bkn utk apa pun, at least wife akan adan duit sendiri terutamanya kalo suami yg monthly incomenya x brape besar… sambil2 tu bleh tlg suami kalo terdesak… he he he he

    • partly aku berkecimpung dalam perniagaan adalah kerana mahu tambah wang utk diri dan keluarga, dan juga mahu mindaku sentiasa bekerja. Tak boleh la duduk rumah saja. Memang dari kecil dulu asyik bekerja/berniaga. Kalau tak diasah minda nanti karat pula naya je.


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