Adding favicon to your blog

I am in the mood to do coding, Been spending the last few days renovating and upgrading the BYC blog, Hardwork i should say.


Thank god that i am a CS background graduate. That helps me a lot in term of money in setting up the e-store. A CS student should be able to do more btw. I have friends who have now undergoing their PhD. Yeah, of course i envy them, but they might be envying the life i am having now. After all we are all human. Never can get enough. 😛

Back to the topic, i think WordPress is a powerful blog platform compared to blogspot. It is easy to use blogspot, but for otai blogger, make use of the features and plugins provided by wordpress.


Anyway, i just changed the favicon in Favicon is the small icon displayed beside your blog url. These are the steps:-

1. You will need an image  so you will have to create your favicon. You may use favicon.ico generator to create your custom favicon. When ready, download the generated favicon from that site to your hardisk.

2. Upload the favicon to your webhost (”public_html” folder) via FTP client.

3. Depending on the theme you use, edit header.php file by adding the following code line just before </head>

Link Code

4. Save your header file.

5. Refresh your browser, insya Allah you’ll get an interesting favicon beside your url now.

6. To change to another favicon, simply replace the old favicon.ico by uploading the new one to your wehhosting.

Happy trying,


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