Learning beyond schooling

I posted a link on BYC’s wall earlier this evening on The Pros and Cons Having School Room at home (for homeschoolers) and later i think i just need to post this on my blog.

So many ideas flowing now and i just have to write them down.

The article was about whether one should have a specific room for homeschoolers. As for me. i thought of having one. Somehow later, i changed the plan.

If i could eat everywhere in the house, (yes, we eat simply everywhere. My husband sometimes eats in front of his PC in the room. Don’t judge us anyway.) why should i restrict the kids by learning and doing their activities in a specific room?

You see, i came from a family who should eat at the dining table, and pray at the room and etc. But I got married to a man who doesn’t really care about where to eat or sleep. Therefore, the kids are free to pray wherever they like (we make sure every inch in the house is solat-able, of course), and eat in front of the tv or play in this room or at the living room. Learning should happen anytime, anywhere and that’s the goal.

Later, the discussion on BYC wall expanded to our plans on schooling them. Yes, as for now, Umar is in the government school. We don’t have much option here. It’s either sekolah kebangsaan, SRKJ(C), SRJK(T) or Sekolah Arab. We want him to acquire 3rd language and be strong on the dinniah foundation, thus sekolah Arab it is. In his school, Umar has to learn 14 subjects including additional dinniah subjects and all are taught in Arabic. So far he is doing fine except that till now they don;t have text books for dinniah subject. Sometime I just could not read what he copied from the blackboard. Anyway, since i am now at home fulltime, i get to monitor him closely.

My husband plans to send Umar to Tahfiz Sains in Kelantan when he is 13. We are yet to discuss more on this. However, sooner or later, Umar knows that he will end up in one of the tahfiz school. He told us he wanted to be a hafiz and pursue his studies in Mekah. He also hope that he will be accepted into MRSM later.  (I think he admires his Pak Su so much). We really hope he gets the best when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Hamzah is now 4 going to be 5 in December. Totally different 360 degree from Umar. He is more the playful type and doesn’t fit into the regular classr0om setting and teaching method.

I’ve told my husband that i would want to homeschool him. My husband didn’t approve. Not that he doesn’t have faith on my qualification and determination, but he is afraid that ‘our’ lack of dicipline will affect Hamzah’s potential.

Thus, we send him to PASTI (lack of english part but impressive on the dinniah subjects). However, he goes to school only for 2-3 days a week. And on days that he just could not wake up for school or simply refuse to go, i homeschool him. So far, i found out that learns a lot from school. A LOT, i mean. i believe that the current plan works for him, insya Allah.

Sawda is going to be 3 this year. She loves, loves, loves, loves school a lot. We send her to school with Hamzah. When Hamzah goes to school, she will follow and vice versa. Her tiny body couldn’t bear to be in school 5 consecutive days anyway. She is also doing well currently.

At the moment, they are all registered to the same school where Umar is in. I don’t know about future yet. Everything is subject to change.

As you and I believe, learning is beyond schooling. It doesn’t mean that when we decided to send them to gov/private school, learning stops there. Parents are the first teachers and home is the first school and always be, should be.

I just hope that the idea of putting the kids at school from 8-4 won’t be materialized. I know some schools have already practiced that, but for a sekolah kebangsaan, i doubt that it’ll be fun.

Just look at the working adults.  We took time off from time to time, morning tea, long lunch break, etc. But for kids, for them to be in school for such long hours are torturing.

Scary thoughts.


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