i don’t need you to understand me

i’ve been meaning to post this entry for a while. Only if whatever i composed in my mind could be published automatically, it would have been on the blog then.


Anyway, this is an entry on our life partner.

I’ve been married for 7 years plus and going to be 8 years come April 2011. To be honest, i don’t really understand my husband. I don’t think i could even if i get to spend the next 50 years with him.

He has this hobby,  buying audio cables and expensive speakers. He told me that he is an audiophile. He loves speakers so much. That’s how i knew some of the speakers brand like Behringer, AE, etc. I don’t get it at first. What’s the difference? All i can see is that the price are gila-gila expensive. And we have got more speakers than we need.

But you can never understand someone’s hobby or love on something.

And you don’t need to understand, i suppose.

All they need is your support.

And as long as it doesn’t bring any harm to anyone, i guess what we have to do is to show some support.

After all we are all individuals, rambut sama hitam hati lain-lain.I know to be an understanding partner is important. But if you fail to understand, just be his/her ultimate supporter.



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