An Implanon Experience By A Muslim Woman

I have been using implanon since Sawda is 1 month-old. Yes, Implanon is a contraceptive method where you implant something under your arm skin. In my case, the left arm.

It doesn’t hurt at all. Insya Allah 99% effective. Still there are times when i got so worry (simply because i feel bloated, or my nose was supersensitive and i’ve sorta have a baby bump – padahal dan buncit).

Things went smoothly for the first 2 years.  I didn’t get my menses and i was OK with that. However, my hormones gone haywire after it’s 2nd anniversary.

I was bleeding on and off and that irritates me a lot. A LOT. So, i was told by my gynea that it was caused by my thinning uterus. That’s why.

Was thinking to take it off, but again, the gynea said, if i wasn’t planning of getting another baby yet so why take it out? I was given mercilon – contraceptive pills – to stabilise my hormone.

It was ok if i take the pills but if i stops, the vicious cycle starts again.

Le Sigh.

The thing is, after 15 days of menses, should there still any blood coming out of your body, it is called istihadhah. And one should pray.

Aduh, susah banget tu.

Anyway, let’s try to look it from the bright side.

One of my dua that i recite everyday without fail is “Ya Allah, jadikan Aku Hamba-Mu yang Sabar”.

This is, no doubt, a test for me to prove that i have the patience.


The challenge is that i should clean myself, and change my pad everytime i want to perform my prayer. If i pray 5 times a day, that will cost me 5 pads. Should i decide to do the extra prayers at odd times e.g Isyrak, Dhuha, Tahajud, that will cost me more time and more pads.

Anyway, i am glad that Allah has tested my faith and patience this way. This is just like a tiny speck. Some people are given a bigger challenges.

By given this test, i believe that this is also a way Allah wants me to learn more on Fiqh. I didn’t really bothered to learn about Istihadhah in depth before, but now i am forced too.

See, every cloud has a silver lining.:)

Anyway, i shall keep this implanon until July. By then, it will be expired and maybe i will try another contraception, or maybe not.

Maybe it is time to have a bun in the oven again.



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