New addition (again)

i gave birth to  this precious little princess on 19th November 2012.

Still working on the birth story, so that she will be able to read her own birth story someday. Just so you know, she was born in a Masjid (didn’t get to homebirth but Allah’s plan is greater, thus Masjid-birth) when i was attending the AMANI CBE & Doula Training. Too bad i missed the 2nd and 3rd day therefore i couldn’t be certified as a doula & CBE but as i’ve said earlier, i am so sure Allah has better plan for me.

Anyway, finally the husband got to attend the birth. Oh wait, he was the midwife!
He missed all 3 births before this.

So here she is, Zaynab Binti Hasbullah. May she become the coolness in our eyes. Amin.




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