Your Masjid Birth, Zaynab – Part 2

Dear Zaynab,

After Aunty Fathin left, i tried to finish AMANI book because Aunty Aisha didn’t cover the birthing topics yet. Alhamdulillah, the information in the book were easy to digest. Thank you Allah for helping me to understand, increasing my knowledge and hopefully making it beneficial for me.

Abah arrived just after i finished reading and told me that he needed some sleep as he was tired. I needed my dinner for energy supply just in case i will be birthing you that night so i thought OK, i will wake your Abah later. Plus, he said he wanted to join the husband support session at 8.30 pm.

Then i took my bath and performed my prayer. I received a message from Aunty Nuha saying that she was at Aunty Najwa’s room. I decided to go to Aunty Najwa’s room. However, i had already laid down the plastic cover on the floor, prepared your clothes on the bed, put the chux pad and towel at the television rack, just in case.


When i went to Aunty Najwa’s room, she went down to feed Musa. So i chit chatted with Aunty Nuha.  She told me to lie down on the bed but the best position was to sit on the chair. We talked mostly about her delivery experience. Her position, her support system, the cord cutting, registration bla bla bla. Every now and then, i experienced very intense surges. When it came, i stopped talking and tried deep breathing. I guess, she knew because she kept asking me if i was alright or not. Told her i was OK, but the fact was i already felt the cold sweat and had the urge to go to the toilet. Immediately i knew, i was already in labor.

At 9.45 pm, i had a very very very intense surge that i could not even talked anymore. I told Nuha that i wanted to return to my room to wake Abah up so he could get me something to eat. Yeah, Abah missed the night session because he couldn’t even open his eyes. I reached room 314, tried to woke him up. He didn’t even stir, so i joined him in bed.

10 pm: Another surge came, and that woke me up from my sleep. Felt like needed to do no. 2 (berak) so i went to the toilet. I went there 2 times and the third time i thought, hmm.. if i went there again, i will surely give birth in the toilet.

I squatted a few times and lots of deep breathing. Inhaled until the tummy got bigger and the surges went away. That was my deep birthing method. It worked and it helped me.

10.25 pm: Woke Abah up, told him it’s already time. I BBM-ed Aunty Maria asking her if she could come. I was hoping she hadn’t sleep yet. Couldn’t message Aunty Najwa because she looked tired. Fortunately, Aunty Maria was up.

“pushing already?” she asked.

“yes”, i replied.

10.33 pm: She knocked on the door. That was when Abah get out from the bed. Oh Zaynab, he must be too tired that night.

I was sitting on the bed when Aunty Maria came in. Abah was standing in front of the dressing table, looking clueless and blank. Mesti mamai lagi tu.
Aunty Maria did some counter pressure and i felt good. She asked me if i wanted to kneel beside the bed. So i did.

Everytime the surges came, i visualised the waves in the ocean. Bringing you nearer to the beach where i was waiting for you there. Every surges was accompanied with deep breathing and i couldn’t be bothered to count to 30. I just imagine that there were some colorful balloons, going up and up and up and up.


I felt Aunty Maria’s hand on my back doing the counter pressure. At one time, she asked me something and she even said, it’s Ok if you want to scold me. Funny, but i couldn’t remember why. Of course i did not scold her. Maybe it’s common for some mothers to get annoyed during transition because i’ve read some stories where mommies scolded the husband, or nurses etc. 🙂

Aunty Maria called Abah a few times to come to me so he could catch you when you come out. The third time, then only he came to me. At that time, i already felt the “ring of fire”. I couldn’t describe how it felt. But as the name suggested, i felt hot down there.


Then another surge. With that surge, the waterbag was broke.

And another surge. This time i felt that your head was already dropped into the birth canal. I will be meeting you in next surge.

Then the surge came. This one really felt like “nak terberak” so i pushed. But something stopped me. The thought of tearing. Oppsie.

I decided to breath you out instead of pushing you. Then you slid out, just like that. I didn’t know how was Abah’s face because he was at my back, but i am sure he was feeling surreal. Your birth was the first birth Abah attended. Abah missed the previous 3 labors. And Abah catched you when you came out. Masya Allah. It was 10.50 pm. Well, nobody knew the exact time because everybody was busy. 🙂

You were then passed to me and Aunty Maria asked me to sit against the wall.


“Assalamualaikum Zaynab”, Aunty Maria said while passing you to me. We were happy calling you Zaynab, but we had forgotten to check if you were really a girl. LOL.

I tried to breastfeed you so that you could helped me with the plassi birth. You refused to breastfeed, Zaynab. Instead, you cried and you were loud for such a small body. 🙂

You cried and wailed until Abah Azan at your ears. Then you stopped crying. Subhanallah. But you still refused to be breastfeed. Aunty Maria asked me if i felt any contraction but i did not. Soon as i answered, plop, something was out from my body. I asked Aunty Maria to check for me what was it and it was the placenta. Allahu Akbar. Just like what i have always imagined. An easy dry night time birth, and placenta birth a few minutes after that. 10 minutes to be exact.

The placenta was nice and intact. There were not much blood on the plastic sheet. But this one needs to be verified by Aunty Maria as she was the one who did the cleaning. (We owe you BIG TIME, Maria).

While Aunty Maria cleaned the birth scene, Abah went out to get the scissor and other stiff while you and me were on the bed, chillax-ing.

Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar. We finally made it, Zaynab. Natural birth, drugs free, Abah was there, Aunty Maria was also there continuously giving support and helping with cleaning (which was one of my biggest worry), you were pink and healthy, I was too.

“Tabàrakallazî biyadihil moulkou, wahouwa ‘alà koulli shay-in qadîre” 
(Blessed be He who has the Kingdom in His Hand! He has power over all things.)

I planned for a homebirth, Zaynab. But Allah is the greatest planner. He planned everything wonderfully. Right time, right place with the right people around me.

Fabi’ayyi ‘Ālā’i Rabbikumā Tukadhdhibāni

(Which favour of your Lord will you deny?)

Abah returned at 12.30 a.m with scissors, pads, your extra clothes, foods and lots more. We called Aunty Maria to come again to assist with the cord cutting. She tied your cord with thread and Abah cut your cord.


Then she left.

You pooped after that, which was a good sign because if we were in the hospital, you will not be released until you pooped.

You also finally breastfeed. Which was good too.

I peed and that was also good. No stinging sensation whatsoever meaning there were no tear.


I couldn’t sleep that night but i tried. Abah didn’t sleep too until almost subuh.

All of us are filled with joy with  your presence, Zaynab.

To be continued…



9 thoughts on “Your Masjid Birth, Zaynab – Part 2

    • experience yang buat aku rasa rendah diri dan lemah sebagai makhluk Allah swt. Dalam masa sama, dapat rasa betapa hebatnya kekuasaan dan kejadian manusia. 🙂

  1. masyaAllah…subhanAllah
    sy nk bergenang air mata bc story ni… sbb terasa betapa hebatnya perancangan Allah. terigt pengalaman2 bersalin sblm ni.

  2. MasyaAllah Tabaarakallah… such a beautiful story.. Im in my three years of marriage now but still TTC. This kind of stories really inspire me to go for home-birthing for my first pregnancy, Insha Allah.

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