Birth Registration For Non-Hospital Birth & Non-certified Midwive

These are the documents needed to register the birth of YOUR baby if you delivered outside the hospital (and did not go to hospital immediately postbirth).

1. The green registration form (JPN.LM01)
2. 2 copies of borang saksi.
3. 2 copies of surat akuan sumpah – one for the midwife, in our case, the husband was the midwife and another one for the 2 saksi kelahiran – just stating that they were at the scene/they were aware about the delivery.

(can get all these forms from the JPN for free)

Other docs:

1. Mommy + daddy ic
2. Marriage cert
3. Memo/letter from clinic (some JPN don’t require this as the surat sumpah is sufficient)
4. Antenatal book cover

Bring the original copies as well.

We registered a bit late, after the first 14 day so the process fell under Pendaftaran Lambat. Were needed to pay rm5 as denda.

Try not to exceed more than 42 days. The procedures are tougher. We received the birth cert and MYKID on the same day of the registration. No hassle provided that all the documents are complete.


For your info, JPN Melaka is open on Saturday and Sunday as well.

For more info, click the JPN website.


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